Case Studies

We have worked hard to provide the very best suppression and search products available, when it comes down to hard tacks it’s proof that you need to decide whether or not to evaluate our data and make your own judgement from there. The best way we can do that is share with you the thoughts and positive impact our data has provided to some of our existing clients.

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Gone away file Re-mover proves to be the fastest, most accurate choice for leading UK insurer

Reliably suppressing gone away records from marketing activity is key to minimising costs and avoiding brand damage. However, over-suppressing and removing people who haven’t moved is hugely detrimental to the success of customer and prospect campaigns. The insurance sector is highly competitive. Insurers need fast, accurate data they can trust. And that’s exactly what Re-mover provides.

And so, we challenged one of the UK’s leading insurers to put Re-mover to the test and evaluate our product against a range of market leading suppression files. Gone away customers and prospects were flagged on the insurers database but not suppressed; they continued to be mailed as originally scheduled. The response, gone away returns and subsequent notifications of a move, were tracked and measured over a 5 month period.

After rigorous and thorough evaluation, the results proved that Re-mover identified a significant number of unique gone aways, faster than any other suppression file. And that the data was highly reliable and accurate so only genuine gone aways were suppressed.

Re-mover was compared to several other gone away suppression files during the evaluation but none could match the speed, quality, or volume of unique data our product delivered. Which is why the insurer concluded that Re-mover deserved to be placed at the top of the hierarchy.

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Major UK Supermarket reduces annual suppression spend

Following an extensive evaluation of NDR and Re-mover we are pleased that one of the UK’s largest supermarkets has decided to take out a multi-year licence for both suppression files. Like all our end-user licensees the client was able to have the freedom to examine NDR and Re-mover for themselves and during the audit process, they were able to establish the coverage, reliability, and accuracy of our data. As a direct result of licensing NDR and Re-mover the supermarket was able to reduce their annual spend on suppression files by cancelling agreements with other parties who could not compete with our products.

Major UK Bank chooses NDR after 3 month audit

After 3 months of analysis and evaluation one of the UK’s major banks has taken out a licence for our NDR product. We’re not permitted to share the detail of their findings however the fact they’ve decided to licence NDR pays testament to the accuracy, coverage of uniqueness of the deceased suppression data we offer our licensees.

During the 3 month audit of NDR the bank identified many customers who had passed away and which had never previously been identified by the bank as deceased. Extensive checks into these customer records confirmed there had been no account activity (for some records this extended over many years) which backed up the validity of the NDR data source.

NDR evaluation reveals 89,000 undetected deceased records

One of the UK’s largest general and life insurance companies recently evaluated NDR and found their database contained over 89,000 customers who were no longer alive. This worryingly large number of customers had gone undetected by all the suppression files they previously relied upon to keep their data clean.

Thanks to NDR the customers have been suppressed, the risks of marketing to them removed and potential brand damage minimised.

The AA Head of customer data selects NDR

When approached by the Ark to take on the NDR we gave them fair warning that, where it comes to evaluating new data sources, the AA are not an easy organisation to do business with. Happily, for both parties, the NDR stood up to some pretty heavy scrutiny and has now been embedded into our business on what we anticipate will be a long term basis. 

The NDR has a strong data provenance, gives us a valuable source of unique records and has an almost unparalleled speed to market. It’s also competitively priced. It will give competitors food for thought over the coming years and maybe shake up the complacency in the important market of deceased data.

Our agreement to take on the NDR has led to a full scale review of our long established suppliers from the deceased suppression world and contract negotiations were concluded in record time, according to our legal team, who found the Ark to be flexible and easy to work with”

Graeme McDermott, AA Head of Customer Data