Data Evaluation

How Healthy is your data? Find out with Cleanse N Suppress

Do you know how many deceased or goneaway records you have in your database? When was the last time you ran an evaluation? Data accuracy is becoming a regulatory requirement under the GDPR, so it is imperative that your organisation acts now to ensure its records are up-to-date.

Our Cleanse N Suppress tool is a quick and simple way to check the health of your data. It provides immediate insight into the health of your database and paves the way for GDPR compliance. Simply download Cleanse N Suppress, and run it against your data to understand how many deceased and gone away records you have in your database.

Call us if you’d like support in running your evaluation, acting upon the results or to understand more about the important role of data suppression in GDPR compliance.

Cleanse N Suppress is the latest in our range of innovative services that are setting new standards in data accuracy. It brings together our knowledge and expertise in data cleansing with the advanced address matching capabilities of Hopewiser.