The UK’s most comprehensive & accurate deceased suppression file

The National Deceased Register (NDR) is widely acknowledged to be the UK’s most reliable and accurate deceased suppression file and is utilised by the majority of the country’s leading data bureau and data processors to ensure their databases are maintained to the highest standards.

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“NDR differs from other files in the UK market in the way in which it is compiled and updated. Our data is provided from financial institutions where deceased records are derived from the management of financial services products.”

All data contained within NDR is multi-source corroborated, prior to being added to the file.

  • At least 30% of the records added to NDR each month are unique and never appear on any other deceased suppression file.
  • An average of 40,000 new records are identified and added to the file each month.
  • NDR captured over 80% of all UK deaths.
  • Each deceased record held within the NDR contains the following information: Title, First Name, Middle Initial, Surname, Address Line, Postcode, and Date Added to the File.
  • Our records date back to the year 2001, providing over 5.8 million corroborated records.
  • The National Deceased Register is the only suppression file that has been scrutinised by the ICO for compliance purposes.
  • Records added to NDR on average 6 weeks after death.
  • NDR is updated monthly – licensees receive a complete file refresh every month in line with ICO best practice guidance.