Pre-mover Triggers identify customers at risk of mover attrition

Pre-mover provides advance-notice of customers moving home. This foresight is extremely valuable when used to implement retention campaigns to reduce mover attrition.

It’s more effective, and less expensive to retain an existing customer than to acquire a new one. And with the implementation of GDPR acquisition costs are set to rise, so there’s never been a more important time to retain valuable customers.

Pre-mover contains 95% of all moves in the UK, at address level data of properties listed for sale and rent that, when matched to your database, enable you to flag customers that are planning to move.

Homeowner pre-movers are typically identified around 12 – 16 weeks prior to their move date and renters 6 – 8 weeks, providing you with the perfect window of opportunity to implement retention campaigns and combat competitive strategies.

Key Facts

  • The fastest, and most accurate source of Pre-mover retention data on the market
  • Fully verified information of properties listed for sale & rental
  • Data you can trust; Pre-mover is highly accurate and only available for use in retention and cross-sell activities to existing customers
  • Fast weekly data feed
  • Flags can be hosted and applied in-house with no outsourcing of customer data required

The benefits

  • Advance notice of movers means retention strategies can be implemented before a customer defects
  • Reduce goneaways and keep track of valuable customers
  • Reduce mover attrition and minimise acquisition costs
  • Comply with GDPR and FCA regulations
  • Understand customer needs and cross-sell key products and services
  • Weekly data feed provides maximum window of opportunity to engage your customers before they move