Data Evaluation

Do you know how many deceased or goneaway records you have in your database? When was the last time you ran an evaluation? Data accuracy is a regulatory requirement under the GDPR, so it is imperative that your organisation acts now to ensure its records are up-to-date.

Our Cleanse N Suppress tool is a quick and simple way to check the health of your data. It provides immediate insight into the quality of your data and paves the way for GDPR compliance. Simply download Cleanse N Suppress, and run it against your data to understand how many deceased and gone away records you have in your database. 

Four simple steps to Cleanse N Suppress your data 

Step One

Click on the download data evaluation link below. *

Step Two

Unzip and register the Cleanse N Suppress software

Step Three

Download the installation guide below and process your data through Cleanse N Suppress

Step Four

Review the data audit report, which tells you how many deceased and goneaway records are present in your file
* Please note the download contains a complete copy of our National Deceased Register and Re-mover goneaway totalling more than 70 million records. Due to the size of the file the download will take about 30 minutes to complete on typical internet connection.


of the UK adult population move home every year

people pass away in the UK every year

mailings can be sent to the deceased in the 12 months after their death


GDPR Whitepaper

In our new whitepaper, published in conjunction with DataIQ, we analyse why data suppression is key to compliance with the GDPR and how improving the health of your database can also bring substantial commercial benefits
Download Whitepaper

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