Predict where ideal customers are located with utilities modelling

How can you perfect your targeting so that you accurately profile and then pinpoint the precise location of your ideal customers?

Let’s look at how a utilities company used our data to understand the composition and make-up of housing in areas where they wished to acquire new customers. Key attributes contained within The UK Property File, including the property type, date of construction and number of rooms, were used to identify the ideal properties to target by postcode.

This data was then refined by including the company’s own data on family composition and income, to create propensity models which accurately predicted where the clusters of ideal customers were located.

The company was then able to devise a tailored marketing campaign to specific addresses, based upon its sound research and insights into the customer’s profile. An additional benefit of having detailed data on each property meant that engineers were able to prepare for each service installation in advance, knowing exactly what equipment was required based on the type of dwelling, e.g. specialised drilling equipment or long ladders for multiple storey apartments.

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