The Ark, The Data Quality Specialists, in conjunction with Greenstone Data Solutions has launched Intreau, a new self-service data cleansing software. Intreau has been developed to provide businesses with a quick and easy way to keep their data clean and accurate and to meet compliance requirements.

“Self-service data cleansing software isn’t new, but many of the solutions on the market just don’t meet the needs of today’s clients,” says Simon McLaven – CEO. “Typically, they’re just too slow – especially when processing very large volumes of data and they require the user to pay fixed license fees. We launched Intreau to provide a real alternative to outsourcing. It has all the functionality of a data bureau, can be completely managed in-house and you only pay for the data processed so there are no hefty licensing costs. It’s very simple to use, so you don’t need technical skills to process complex requirements and very fast – it can process up to 10 million records in an hour. Our clients get both the speed and advanced processing capabilities they need, without ever having to outsource.

And for those clients who only need to cleanse a single file we’ve created Intreau Lite; a fast and effective online tool where you can cleanse data, receive instant results and even pay online by credit card”.

How does Intreau work? 

  • Self-clean data cleansing software tool capable of handling complex data hygiene processes on large volumes quickly and accurately
  • Can be used online with our intuitive interface, or in-house using our secure API
  • Name and address hygiene
  • Multi-level de-duplication
  • Deceased and gone-away suppression
  • Telephone number validation and Mailsort

The benefits

  • No up-front license fees 
  • Super-Fast processing speeds of up to 10 million records per hour 
  • No limit to the complexity of workflows
  • Easy to use; no technical skills required
  • Visual interface which is easy to read
  • Repeatable workflows; set up jobs once and rerun them at the touch of a button
  • Secure and compliant; ISO27001 data centre 

To find out more or to sign up for a free trial call us on 0370 334 1510 and see how Intreau can help improve your data quality.

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