GDPR Whitepaper

Why data suppression is key to compliance with the GDPR

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GDPR Whitepaper

Data accuracy becomes a regulatory requirement when the GDPR comes into force in May 2018. Maintaining up-to-date and accurate data is an explicit requirement, and it is clear that holding records of deceased customers, or those who have moved home, is at odds with these principles.

Out-of-date records could constitute a technical breach of the Regulation and incur penalties of two percent of global turnover or €10 million, whichever is greater.

In our new whitepaper, published in conjunction with DataIQ, we analyse why data suppression is key to compliance with the GDPR and how improving the health of your database can also bring substantial commercial benefits. The paper includes a 22-point suppression strategy checklist to help guide you through the compliance process.

What’s inside?

  • Why do organisations need to understand data suppression?
  • Why suppression impacts data accuracy, compliance, and breach notification
  • Who is responsible for the compliant handling of personal information?
  • Suppression compliance and the business opportunity
  • PLUS our 22-point suppression strategy checklist

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