Powerful COVID-19 dataset to improve business decisioning

COVID-19 has created new challenges as organisations make rapid decisions to protect their employees and customers, address business risks, and help to mitigate the outbreak.

The Ark has released a new dataset which can be used to understand COVID-19 risk factors and help support decision making around vulnerable individuals and their needs and requirements for the coming months and possibly years.

The dataset provides estimates of risk factors and COVID-19 infection rates at a postcode or local geography level (Ward, Parliamentary Constituency and Clinical Commission Group).

COVID-19 dataset can be licensed for a range of uses including:

Identifying and flagging at risk customers/prospects*

Inform logistics and local decision making

Catchment area and store planning

Insurance and financial services risk assessment

Staffing and resource planning

Operational planning

*Special rates are available for those users who can demonstrate that their use of our detailed data is only for non-commercial reasons that support the public good

GDPR compliant data sources

All our data sources are non personalised and typically provided by government and other public bodies (aggregated and open-source). This makes all our output GDPR friendly and therefore quick and easy to use. The data sources used are as follows:

Data is updated frequently (typically weekly) with the latest information and infection rates to provide the most accurate modelled predictions.


OS data


Royal Mail data


National Statistics data


Public Health England data

COVID-19 dataset risk ranking categories and variables

The dataset includes risk rankings by 14 variables which are considered to be relevant to COVID-19, these have been grouped into five overarching categories:

Age and Household

• All Age Risk
• Household Age Risk
• Room Risk
• Resident Risk


Mortality and Co-morbidity

• Mortality Risk
• Obesity Risk
• Smoker Risk

Economic Resilience

• Income Risk
• Wealth Risk
• Employment Risk


• COVID-19 Engagement Risk
• Overall Engagement Risk

COVID-19 Infection Rates

• Infection rate “as is”
• Infection rate timeline adjusted

Want to know more?

Drop us a line to find out more or call us on 0370 334 1510 to discuss licencing options and costs.

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