The most comprehensive and accurate, real-time deceased identity fraud solution

Identity fraud is the fastest growing crime in the UK. In order to help assist organisations combat these crimes The Ark have launched NDR Monitor, a new and revolutionary deceased identity fraud solution that protects businesses against fraudulent applications for products, services, ID and credit.


NDR Monitor – the benefits 

  • Highly accurate & reliable  – data is sourced from the financial services sector, including pensions and annuities
  • Comprehensive – all records contain full name and address details and most come with date of birth information
  • Fast  – most records added to NDR Monitor within 6 weeks of death, a small proportion added within a week of death
  • Simple API integration – NDR Monitor is accessed via our API, it’s simple to use and requires minimal technical integration
  • Regularly refreshed – NDR Monitor is updated monthly – weekly updates available on request
Deceased identity fraud is one of the fastest growing identity theft crimes in the UK, help prevent it by ensuring your campaigns do not fall into the wrong hands

billion pounds - the cost of identity fraud to individuals in the UK

million individuals affected by identity fraud in the UK in 2016


of all fraud in the UK is identity fraud


committed using genuine victims identity

people pass away each year in the UK

items of mail can be sent to a deceased individual in the 12 months after their death


Quick and reliable

Records are added to NDR Monitor just 10 – 14 days after death


Comprehensive data

Each deceased record includes death certificate number, date of birth and previous known addresses

API Integration

Our API integration is simple to use and requires minimal technical integration

Daily file refresh

NDR Monitor is updated daily

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The Ark products now accessible through our new API

The Ark products now accessible through our new API

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CoviDirect Mail best practice

CoviDirect Mail best practice

Today more than ever, it’s critical to make sure that mailing files contain as few deceased records as possible, preferably none. The question I frequently hear is – can I do more to stop mail arriving with a recently bereaved relative?

Here are 4 things to think about when planning your data suppression:

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