Why you should suppress your data

We believe that maintaining an accurate and relevant customer database is a vital ingredient to business success regardless of size and complexity. All successful businesses depend on their database to serve their customers, fulfil orders, acquire new ones and make strategic decisions. The consequences of relying on inaccurate and bad data can be serious and far reaching and can cause major issues such as:

  • Breaching Data Protection, Direct Marketing Association and Fair Data best practice guidelines
  • Fraud prevention
  • Prevent damage to your brands reputation and maintain good business ethics
  • Save significant sums of money by not mailing the deceased or people that have moved
  • Qualify for full Mailsort discount
  • Improve your response rates
  • Enable accurate insight and analysis on your customers
  • Improve your environmental credentials

It’s no longer good enough to rely on out dated legacy suppression files that don’t deliver the results your business should be demanding.