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The Ark launches new self-service data cleansing software Intreau

The Ark, The Data Quality Specialists, in conjunction with Greenstone Data Solutions has launched Intreau, a new self-service data cleansing software. Intreau has been developed to provide businesses with a quick and easy way to keep their data clean and accurate and...

Identity fraud victim’s £500k home put on market

A gang has been identified and two men jailed after being found guilty of committing identity fraud. Minh To, of Stockport, Greater Manchester was targeted by criminals who transferred the deeds of his £500,000 five-bedroom home and attempted to auction his property.

Hiscox award winning campaign leads the way in mail innovation

The Ark team really love this campaign; it’s refreshing to see such a highly-targeted use of mail clearly demonstrating its value in the marketing mix. A successful direct mail campaign relies on accurate data, excellent targeting, innovative design and a great campaign strategy; the Hiscox campaign has it all.

Hello… is anyone at home?

If you knock at the front door of one of your customers you will know when they answer whether they are the person you are trying to reach, but how do you ascertain whether your direct mail communications are reaching the right person when you can’t visit each and every home you are contacting?

Paranormal direct mail activity

It would be an incredible achievement on the part of marketers to get any take up on campaigns from someone who is no longer living! So why do some companies not remove the deceased from their mailing lists?

The Key to GDPR Compliance

With the looming introduction of the EU General Data Protection Regulation in 2018 there has never been a better time for marketers to improve their practices and work towards the industry standards by which all direct marketers will have to conduct business.

It’s a question of affordability

The National Deceased Register has proven to deliver between 30% and 50% unique data when compared to other deceased suppression files available in the market.

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