Powerful COVID-19 data to improve business decisioning

The Ark has released a new dataset which can be used to understand COVID-19 risk factors and help support decision making

Game changing data cleansing

Fed up with slow data cleansing speeds? Intreau is 5 times faster than other market leading solutions 

The UK Property File

Open the door to millions of UK households and access key property insights

GDPR Whitepaper

In our whitepaper, published in conjunction with DataIQ, we analyse why data suppression is key to compliance with the GDPR and how improving the health of your database can also bring substantial commercial benefits

Data Quality Specialists

We are data quality specialists. We passionately believe that the foundation of any successful business depends on the quality of its customer database and that process starts with having clean, accurate and reliable data. The consequences of relying on out of date data can be serious and far reaching – inaccurate data no longer only impacts on customer relationships and strategic business decisions, it is also now a compliance requirement that carries the risk of severe financial penalties.

Our leading data products and services provide super-fast data cleansing and hygiene tools to ensure your data is clean and up to date, Key UK property insights to help you better understand your customers and where they live, and the most comprehensive suppression files on the market (for use in marketing and in fraud applications) to guarantee your data is market ready and fully compliant. 

National Deceased Register (NDR)

The UK’s most accurate & reliable deceased suppression file

NDR Monitor

Comprehensive deceased identity detection

Re-Mover Goneaways

Goneaway notifications for home owner and renter movers in the UK

The UK Property File

Key property insights to transform your marketing


Super-fast data processing 

Covid-19 Dataset

Powerful COVID-19 data to improve business decisioning

Identity Fraud is the UK’s fastest growing crime

billion pounds - the cost of identity fraud to individuals in the UK

million individuals affected by identity fraud in the UK in 2016


of all fraud in the UK is identity fraud


committed using genuine victims identity

Find out how NDR Monitor can help prevent Identity Fraud

Latest in Media

CoviDirect Mail best practice

CoviDirect Mail best practice

Today more than ever, it’s critical to make sure that mailing files contain as few deceased records as possible, preferably none. The question I frequently hear is – can I do more to stop mail arriving with a recently bereaved relative?

Here are 4 things to think about when planning your data suppression:

The Ark launches new self-service data cleansing software Intreau

The Ark launches new self-service data cleansing software Intreau

The Ark, The Data Quality Specialists, in conjunction with Greenstone Data Solutions has launched Intreau, a new self-service data cleansing software. Intreau has been developed to provide businesses with a quick and easy way to keep their data clean and accurate and...

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