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The UK’s most comprehensive & accurate deceased suppression file

The National Deceased Register (NDR) is widely acknowledged to be the UK’s most reliable and accurate deceased suppression file and is utilised by the majority of the country’s leading data bureau and data processors to ensure their databases are maintained to the highest standards.

Download the independently written whitepaper by DataIQ, that gives you the lowdown on the role of data suppression in GDPR compliance, including a detailed suppression strategy checklist to get your preparations on the right track.

Re-mover picks up over 90% of all movers in the UK

Re-mover is a fully transactional record of all home owner and renter movers in the UK and provided to the market for suppression purposes. It is one of the quickest sources of gone-away notifications in the market with many of the records provided within the month of move.

Comprehensive deceased identity detection

Identity fraud used to commit offences such as computer misuse, sexual offences, probate fraud and most commonly financial fraud is the fastest growing crime in the UK. In order to help assist organisations combat these crimes The National Deceased Register have launched their deceased Identity detection service, Monitor. 

Pre-mover Triggers identify customers at risk of mover attrition

Pre-mover provides advance-notice of customers moving home. This foresight is extremely valuable when used to implement retention campaigns to reduce mover attrition.

It’s more effective, and less expensive to retain an existing customer than to acquire a new one. And with the implementation of GDPR acquisition costs are set to rise, so there’s never been a more important time to retain valuable customers.