Household and property insights built from non-PII data sources

Open the door to over 30 million households and access key property and household insights with The UK Household File

Introducing The UK Household File

The UK Household File (UKHF) is the most comprehensive, completely non personal and compliant view of over 30 million UK residential households and their properties.

Built using address only property data and highly accurate non-personal modelled household variables (derived from Open Source data), the UKHF gives you valuable consumer insight into property, lifestyle and behaviours to help you make better informed marketing decisions, whilst ensuring your business remains completely compliant with GDPR.

Our modelled dataset includes key attributes such as household composition, occupation of householder, household income etc. When combined with our property data it creates the perfect dataset for analysts and marketers to apply and improve data modelling and enhance targeting.

Over 30M Households covering every UK home

Valuable property and household insights at each address

Completely GDPR compliant, built entirely from Census and other publicly available non-PII data sources

We’ve launched The UK Household File with a number of key variables

  • Unique Identifier
  • UPRN
  • Postal Address
  • Postcode
  • Property Type
  • Year the property was built
  • Property Tenure
  • Council Tax Band
  • Bedrooms (number of)
  • Receptions (number of)
  • Bathrooms (number of)
  • Floor area
  • Floors
  • Garage
  • Garden
  • Household Income *
  • Occupation *
  • Household Population Counts
  • Marital Status *
  • Economic Activity *
  • Household Reference Person


Unlock The UK Household File benefits


Highly accurate replacement for non-compliant legacy geo-demographic and modelling variables.


Personalise your customer experience to improve retention, cross-sell and increase customer spend and value.


Enrich what you already know about your customer and make better communication decisions with them.  

Full usage

Use across all online and offline channels, including digital advertising, email, TV on demand, direct mail and many more. 


As providers of data, the provenance and legitimacy of our information is of utmost importance to us.

We provide data that you can trust.

The Ark has been independently assessed by both the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) and Data & Marketing Association (DMA). Rigorous audits of our data sourcing and our adherence to GDPR has led to us being endorsed by both these industry-leading organisations.

Data compliance is no longer an option, it is a legal requirement. All our clients are assured the highest quality and rigorously scrutinised data.

No personal data was used in the creation of the UKHF so you can be confident that you will remain completely GDPR compliant.

Powerful Analytical Data

The UK Household File is perfect for analysis and here’s why:

Detailed dataset

In addition to the detailed property information contained in the The UK Household File, we have developed a powerful dataset covering critical information such as:

Household composition

Property type & size

Occupation of householder

Age of occupants

Household income

Analysis and modelling tools

Data is modelled at individual household level to create maximum granularity and differentiation.

It is then averaged across a number of properties of the same type in the same area to reduce statistical errors and create a robust outcome. The result is a profile for each property outlining the most likely values for each core variable for that property.

Data at this level of detail covering these core attributes provide modellers, marketers and analysts with powerful data which can:

Replace non-compliant legacy profiling tools

Enhance targeting using variables that make a real difference

Provide depth for models and insight

Over 50 key property data insights for every address

Data points for UK residential households / properties

Over 21 key variables for every UK address

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Case Studies

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